Keeping the blues alive and well

GA-20: Heavy blues power trio in the Netherlands

When GA-20 comes to town you are obliged to show up, end of discussion. It was a normal evening, the Lonesomefools were casually holding a blues night and playing music from Howlin’ Wolf to Fleetwood Mac. Whilst we were hearing the rendition of ”I believe my time ain’t long” performed by Peter Green our minds drove of to imagine the possibility to hear this kind of music live. Luckily for us, this did not take much searching. We came across an advertisement for a show in the SPOT theather, Groningen (Netherlands) by the band GA-20.

GA-20 performing their hit song ”She’s Gone” from the album ”GA-20 Try It… You Might Like It: GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor”
GA-20: Reviving the Spirit of Blues with Electrifying Energy!

Get ready to embark on a musical journey back to the golden era of blues, where raw emotions and electrifying energy ruled the stage. Enter GA-20, an American blues band hailing from the vibrant city of Boston, Massachusetts. These talented musicians have captivated audiences with their infectious passion and unwavering dedication to the timeless genre of Chicago blues.

Formed in early 2018 by guitar virtuoso Matthew Stubbs, already renowned for his exceptional skills while playing alongside Charlie Musselwhite, GA-20 was born out of a desire to create a blues-focused project that would capture the essence of classic blues, R&B, and early rock and roll. Stubbs teamed up with fellow blues enthusiast Pat Faherty, who had immersed himself in the study of blues guitar, and together they set out to forge a new musical endeavor.

Career and impact

GA-20’s early performances featured a rotating cast of musicians, but it was in 2018 that the band solidified into a dynamic trio consisting of two guitars and drums, with Faherty and Stubbs serving as the core members. The name “GA-20” pays homage to the iconic guitar amplifier manufactured by Gibson from 1950 to 1961, reflecting the band’s deep reverence for the rich history of blues.

Since their formation, GA-20 has been on an incredible trajectory, infusing new life into traditional blues and carving their own distinct sound within the genre. Their music is a glorious intersection where blues, country, and rock ‘n’ roll collide, leaving audiences in awe of their artistry. With each live performance, they captivate listeners with their melodic storytelling, creating an enchanting atmosphere that showcases the brilliance of the blues.

Pat Faherty performing ”Sitting At Home Alone” from their much aclaimed album ”GA-20 Try It… You Might Like It: GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor”

GA-20’s discography speaks volumes about their meteoric rise and undeniable talent. Their releases have been met with critical acclaim, reaching impressive milestones in the blues music scene. Albums like “Try It… You Might Like It! GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor” and “Crackdown” made waves, soaring to the top of the Billboard Blues Charts. The band’s versatility shines through as they explore the edges of the genre, infusing their music with elements of garage rock, soul, and funk, while staying true to the roots that define the blues.

With GA-20, the blues is not just a genre—it’s a movement. Their dedication to preserving the essence of traditional blues while injecting their own unique style and energy sets them apart from the rest. Whether you’re a die-hard blues aficionado or a newcomer eager to experience the magic of this timeless genre, GA-20 is here to deliver an unforgettable musical experience that will leave you craving more.

So, get ready to be swept away by the soulful melodies, blistering guitar solos, and infectious rhythms of GA-20. Immerse yourself in their electrifying performances and let the power of blues wash over you. GA-20 is more than just a band; they are torchbearers of a musical tradition, igniting the stage with their enthusiastic dedication to the art of blues. Don’t miss your chance to join the revival and experience the captivating allure of GA-20!

The experience: blown away at standing distance

Regardless of the expectations we had for the performance, it proceeded to go above and beyond what we thought possible. If we are being honest, I think we all really want to see our favorite artists perform in a small theather rather than on a big festival stage. The fact that you can see, hear and feel the music upclose while having no trouble standing is one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. It is nevertheless satisfying to see your favorite artists becomming big and ”making it”. In the end, the more people listen and appreciate your artist, the bigger impact that artists will have on the music scene and society as a whole.

Back to the performance in Groningen; The Lonesomefools were standing right in front in a theather with a maximum capacity of about 100 people. GA-20 kicked of with some soulfull songs from their latests album ”Crackdown” and proceeded to mix and match songs from their library. While we absolutely loved the more soulful tunes on their latest album (e.g. ”Dry Run”), we were shook on their performances with heavy slide guitar solo’s from Pat. Most of these heavy slide guitar songs came from their tribute album ”GA-20 Try It… You Might Like It: GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor”. That night we either had the best possible spot in the theather or Pat Faherty noticed our amazement from the guitar solo’s. Eitherway Pat got so close with his guitar that we could basically smell and touch the guitar. On one occasion he even sat down on the edge and started playing his guitar. Whilst the solo’s and guitar playing from Matthew were absolutely spot on, the slide guitar basically send us flying off of the stage.

GA-20 performing ”Dry Run” from their latest album ”Crackdown”
Closing curtains

After the show, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to purchase some incredible merchandise and have it signed by the amazing group. Not only that, but we even had a chance to chat with them briefly, being careful not to overstep our boundaries. The vinyl record we decided on was none other than “GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor,” an electrifying homage to the legendary bluesman. We were also thrilled to get our hands on their latest album, “Crackdown,” which showcases their own creative genius.

The experience of making this memory and having our merchandise signed by the group was truly unforgettable, solidifying an incredible night that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We wholeheartedly recommend anyone with a passion for live music to seize the opportunity to witness the power of this phenomenal trio firsthand!


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