Keeping the blues alive and well


About us

Lonesome Fools is a platform that strives to connect music enthusiasts and keep the blues alive. This platform is created by two brothers who are crazy about the blues genre and see it as their mission to support this fantastic musical scene.

By creating this platform, the two brothers aim to create a community where blues lovers can come together, discover new music, and engage with like-minded individuals who share their appreciation for the genre. The platform serves as a hub for blues music, providing resources, news, and opportunities for artists and fans alike.

Through their passion and dedication, the creators of Lonesomefools aim to preserve the rich heritage of the blues and ensure its continued presence in the music world. They understand the importance of connecting music enthusiasts and fostering a sense of belonging within the blues community.

By embracing technology and leveraging online platforms, Lonesome Fools provides a space for blues lovers to discover new artists, share their favorite blues tunes, and engage in discussions that celebrate the genre’s history and influence.

In summary, Lonesome Fools is an online platform created by two passionate brothers who are committed to connecting music enthusiasts and keeping the blues genre alive. Through their dedication and love for the blues, they aim to support the vibrant blues community and ensure its continued growth and appreciation.